Dec 7, 2008

Vegetable Tome

I came across a great book today that I'm looking forward to tearing through over the next year. Written by Alice Waters, the book is titled "Chez Panisse Vegetables". Laid out as a complete reference guide to all sorts of common vegetables, it's a great resource for coming home from the market to see what exactly you can do with turnips.

The cooking instructions are laid out quite simply; they don't bother with ingredients lists or exact amounts, it mostly deals in pinches, gists and what the desired effect is. I quite like that sort of writing (once you've cooked enough to be comfortable winging it a little -- which I'm not great at).


  1. That sounds like a fantastic book.

    I actually have one that sounds similar ("Vegetables Every Day," by Jack Bishop), which I've yet to really use! I'm glad that you reminded me of it, and I'm excited to check out the book that you're talking about, too.

    By the way, those turnips look gorgeous!

  2. I agree those turnips look gorgeous! I just got my first bunch (ever!) in my week's CSA shipment, and I have no idea what to do with them, which is what led me here. Love Alice Walters... maybe I'll look around for some of her ideas!